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A Statement on COP26 from the Institute for Ecological Civilization

As we marched with protesters in Glasgow and featured emerging leaders on EcoCiv panels, it was only too clear how far we still need to go to achieve an ecological civilization. This month’s summit will count as a success only if leaders now act upon the updated climate plans promised for 2022: phasing out coal, radically

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참살이와 전지구적 번영을 위한 경제

클레어몬트 생태 포럼 (생태문명을 위한 국제포럼) 둘째날에 우리는 참살이와 전지구적 번영을 위한 경제 대하여 이야기 하였습니다. ( 이코시브 코리아의 디렉터인 이동우 목사가 둘째날 세션의 좌장을 맡은 정건화 교수를 소개하며 세션을 시작했습니다. 정건화 교수는 한신대학교 경제학과 교수이며, Lab2050의 이사회 의장입니다. 그는 서울연구원, 서울50+재단, 희망제작소에서 이사로 재직했으며, 현재 사회적 경제, 사회 혁신, 지역 사회와 학계의 연결을 위해 일하고 있습니다. 최근

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Economies for Wellbeing and Planetary Flourishing

On the second day of the International Claremont Eco Forum we had a session of Economies for Wellbeing and Planetary Flourishing. ( Gunna Jung moderated the session. Gunna is a professor of Economics at Hanshin University, Seoul, Korea. He is a chair of a board of directors at Lab2050. He served as a director at Seoul

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Ecological Transition Education and Education Reform in Korea

Cho, Hee-Yeon  (Superintendent, Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education) 1. The Meaning of Education and Korean Education Reform We can start with the question, “What is education?” Education is a learning process that affects human perception and behavior. It affects how we perceive the world, and how we change the world in light of that perception. In

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Announcing our new logo!

We are proud to announce the launch of our new logo and visual identity! Over the past five years, we have grown and expanded as an institute at the forefront of systemic social and ecological change; it was time for our brand to reflect this evolution. We are pleased to release a new logo that reflects who

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A year about water

Water is one of, if not the most essential resource to life on earth. It enables everything else we want to do in life. As Henk Ovink says, “if we take care of the water, the water takes care of us.” We are one of the two primary organizers of W12+ Programs, a movement that catalyzes, connects,

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Imagine a Day without a Toilet

World Toilet Day is coming up on November 19 and with it, a unique invitation to imagine life without something so fundamental as a toilet. Most of you reading this piece probably have indoor plumbing with hot and cold water and underground septic systems. But, the reality is that worldwide, 1 in 3 people lack toilet

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Why water?

by Ellie Leaning, EcoCiv Projects Director Water is the key that unlocks human opportunity and ecological wellbeing. It is what our existence here on the “blue planet” depends on.   At EcoCiv, much of our work focuses on looking at systems and structures that either promote or prevent the wellbeing of people and the planet. Water is

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The cost of water: financing water improvements for wellbeing

By Ellie LeaningEcoCiv Projects Director 60% of the human body is water. 71% of the earth’s surface is water. Yet, 844 million people currently lack access to safe drinking water. Every day, more than 800 children under age five die from diarrheal diseases attributed to poor water and sanitation. 1.8 billion people use a source of

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