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EcoCiv Podcast: Episode 5 – Mary Evelyn Tucker

EcoCiv’s president, Philip Clayton talks with Mary Evelyn Tucker—one of the world’s leading scholars in the field of religion and ecology. She has published hundreds of articles and many books, including Ecology and Religion (co-authored with John Grim) and Journey of the Universe (co-authored with Brian Swimme). She is also the co-founder and co-director of the Forum

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EcoCiv Podcast: Episode 4 – Karenna Gore: Earth Ethics

EcoCiv’s managing director, Jeremy Fackenthal interviews author and journalist Karenna Gore. They talk about Karenna’s work as the director for the Center for Earth Ethics in New York, the moral dimensions of the ecological crisis, her interest in American indigenous traditions, studying liberation theology with James Cone, challenging GDP as a measure of social well-being,

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EcoCiv Podcast: Episode 3 – Isabella Alexander

EcoCiv’s executive vice president, Andrew Schwartz talks with the anthropologist Isabella Alexander. They have a fascinating conversation about Isabella’s important work on issues relating to transnational migration, her current projects as a writer and documentary filmmaker, how migration issues intersect with global climate disruption, and how she finds hope while raising awareness about complex systemic

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EcoCiv Podcast: Episode 2 – Jeremy Lent

For this week’s episode, Andrew Schwartz speaks with Jeremy Lent, who is a writer and public intellectual. He is the author of the award-winning book, The Patterning Instinct, which traces how different cultures patterned meaning into the universe and how that has affected history. Guardian journalist George Monbiot called it “the most profound and far-reaching book

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Two elder scholars asked, “Are you happy?”

By Kumsil Kang, Executive Director of People for Earth, lawyer Two elder scholars from the United States visited Korea to attend the International Conference on Transition Cities hosted by Seoul on November 11, and the International Conference on Ecological Civilization held at Paju from December 12 to 14. They were John B. Cobb, Jr., Professor

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“If Jesus is born now, he would first save the ruined environment”

An interview with international ecological theologian John Cobb By Kim Hwan Young All belief systems, including philosophy, religion, and ideology, continue to change and evolve. The conservative insistence on maintaining the purity of heritage from founders and doctrines often fails to meet the practical need to adjust to worldly changes. But if there is excessive

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