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Our Books

We have published two books in the last two years on Ecological Civilization and what is possible as we look to the future through a new lens. Check out our publications below.

The New Possible: Visions of Our World Beyond Crisis

“The new possible” is a shared quest to tell a new story, one that allows us to live lightly and justly on this beautiful blue planet. It’s about using disruption to see possibilities and empower change, leveraging crisis to highlight new opportunities for a better world. In short, it’s a book suffused and shot through with hope. May it lead you to your own new possibles!

What Is Ecological Civilization? Crisis, Hope, and the Future of the Planet

This book explores the idea of ecological civilization by asking eight key questions about it and drawing answers from relational philosophies, the ecological sciences, systems thinking and network theory, and the world’s religious and spiritual traditions. It concludes that a genuinely ecological civilization is not a utopian ideal, but a practical way to live. To recognize this, and to begin to take steps to establish it, is the foundation for realistic hope.

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