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Conversations for a Life Economy

We are in the midst of an emergency: the loss of connection and care between people and nature. Urgent change is necessary for the future of the Earth, for our grandchildren, and for theirs – a shift towards a system that works for the wellbeing of all life on our planet.

Conversations for a Life Economy is a programme of talks, first private and then public, aimed at closing the space between private emotion and public action. It is aimed at engaging leaders in transformational conversations to shift to a system that works towards the wellbeing of all life on our planet – a life economy.

Over the next 12 months The Institute for Ecological Civilization and our partner Reboot the Future will be:

  • Holding a series of 6 private, transformative, conversations with leaders, which builds on Reboot’s uniquely successful ‘Imaginal Conversations’ series of 2020
  • Sharing public conversations to inspire others to take action to shift towards a life economy
  • Producing  toolkits, podcast episodes, and a video series which support individuals’ continued transformation towards action and holding additional conversations themselves.

This information will be publicly available and geared towards the next generation of changemakers –  what we call the ‘Imaginal Cells’.

To find out more and register interest in:

  • Private conversations, please contact:
  • Public conversations, please contact:

Conversations for a Life Economy is hosted jointly in partnership with Reboot the Future and The Institute for Ecological Civilization.


“The future lies in transforming the Death Economy into a Life Economy that cleans up pollution, regenerates devastated ecosystems, recycles, and develops technologies that restore resources and that benefit, rather than ravage, the environment. Businesses that pay returns to investors who invest in an economy that is itself a renewable resource become the success stories.”… John Perkins

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