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Granting Rights to Nature

The United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that humans have integral rights that must be protected. However, where does nature stand? Does it have a legal basis to protect itself? Or is that duty placed onto humans, who may not always have nature’s best interests at heart? Environmental protection is a newer concept,…

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Eco-Justice: Equity and Wellbeing in an Ecological Age

Justice, as a comprehensive ideal of what is right and good – both individually and socially – is a goal common to most faith traditions. Eco-Justice broadens this ideal to specifically include the natural environment, and the inter-connection of natural and social ecologies. This timely and important interfaith event brings together an acclaimed panel of speakerswho will aim to strike…

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Ecology of Community

Ecology of Community: Process, Identity, and Transformation  October 23-25, 2015 Claremont School of Theology, Butler 201 Claremont, CA Building upon the 10th International Whitehead Conference, this Fall conference will explore the foundations for conceiving and building a global ecological civilization. Presentations and discussions will focus particularly on the role of communities: How are ecology and…

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