Episode #27 – David Cobb: Solidarity Economies

The EcoCiv Podcast
The EcoCiv Podcast
Episode #27 - David Cobb: Solidarity Economies

On this episode, Austin Roberts speaks with political activist, David Cobb. David has been involved in progressive and radical politics in the U.S. for many years. He was the Green Party presidential candidate for the 2004 election, and in 2016, he served as the campaign manager for fellow Green Jill Stein during her presidential run. More recently, David has dedicated much of his time and energy to the non-profit organization, Cooperation Humboldt, which works to build a more democratic and sustainable economy in Humboldt County, California. Austin talks with David about his experiences in U.S. politics, the notion of “solidarity economies” as an alternative to capitalism, worker owned co-operatives, Green New Deals, and how he holds on to what he calls “a contradictory sense of outrage and optimism” at the same moment in the midst of escalating planetary crises.

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