Episode #26 – Mark Anielski: Toward An Economy of Well-Being

The EcoCiv Podcast
The EcoCiv Podcast
Episode #26 - Mark Anielski: Toward An Economy of Well-Being

Philip Clayton speaks with ecological economist Mark Anielski. Mark is the author of the award-winning book, The Economics of Happiness (2007), and most recently, An Economy of Well-Being (2018), which presents a new economic model for measuring progress and performance called Genuine Wealth. Philip and Mark begin their discussion by diving into the major themes of An Economy of Well-Being, including Mark’s critique of the notion that money equates with well-being and happiness. Mark also talks about the ways in which he resonates with the Green New Deal, why he’s not on board with the degrowth movement, paths to an ecological civilization, and where he finds hope.

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