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Food Justice Event with Chef José Andrés

EcoCiv partnered with renowned chef and activist José Andrés to bring together more than 30 non-profit leaders to discuss cross-sector collaboration at Oyamel Restaurant in Washington, DC on September 7th. The event, entitled “Food, Sustainability, and Social Justice: How Do We Increase Our Impact?” used food as an example of an area where multiple sectors…

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Eco-Justice: Equity and Wellbeing in an Ecological Age

Justice, as a comprehensive ideal of what is right and good – both individually and socially – is a goal common to most faith traditions. Eco-Justice broadens this ideal to specifically include the natural environment, and the inter-connection of natural and social ecologies. This timely and important interfaith event brings together an acclaimed panel of speakerswho will aim to strike…

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Green Transition: Toward Ecological Civilization in Korea

This fall, key leaders from Korea will gather in Claremont to collaborate with US leaders around the shared vision of an ecological civilization, and the steps needed to initiate the transition on a global scale. Participants represent leaders in national and local government, NGOs, universities, journalism, and religions. Each participant and key speaker brings a unique set of skills, experiences, and achievements, critical to ushering in a new ecological paradigm. Inspired and guided by the work of John B. Cobb, Jr. whose vision was at the heart of the 2015 Claremont conference “Seizing an Alternative: Toward an Ecological Civilization,” we will examine big ideas toward a new paradigm for the future and how this vision is already being actualized by scholars, activists, governments, and politicians, in Korea and beyond.

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