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Episode 6: John Perkins: Unpacking a Life Economy

Conversations for a Life Economy
Conversations for a Life Economy
Episode 6: John Perkins: Unpacking a Life Economy

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A continuous, central idea for this podcast series is the concept of the Life Economy. Grace Okafor sits down with renowned American author John Perkins to deep dive into the theory and practice of a life economy as a way to investigate the utility of its application in the world at large. Their discussion delves into understanding concrete characteristics of a Life Economy, actionable initiatives to achieve it, and the pursuits John is currently involved with as it relates to the movement.

We bring you today’s episode in partnership with Reboot the Future, a British charity committed to the principles of the Golden Rule — treat others and the planet as you would wish to be treated. The focus of this episode, along with others in this series, is to explore the visions for a Life Economy which American author, John Perkins, describes as a framework that maximizes long-term benefits for all life and the environment.

Each episode of this podcast will explore core values that support a Life Economy with leaders across a range of areas in business and the private sector and how they can activate collective corporate or global leadership action. 

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