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The Institute for Ecological Civilization works internationally to support systemic approaches to long-term sustainability by developing collaborations among government, business, and religious leaders and among scholars, activists, and policy makers. We build effective partnerships across social sectors through consultations, think-tank gatherings, and policy engagement.

Ecological Civilization in Conversation

Feature Episodes from the EcoCiv Podcast

EcoCiv Podcast #19 – Manda Brookman: Extinction Rebellion

Jeremy Fackenthal speaks with activist and social entrepreneur, Manda Brookman about Extinction Rebellion. Those of you who follow EcoCiv on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter will already have some familiarity with Extinction Rebellion, as we often share news stories about the important work that they are doing. Extinction Rebellion describes itself as “an international movement that uses nonviolent…

EcoCiv Podcast #18 – Eileen Crist: Restoring Abundant Earth

Jeremy Lent returns to the podcast to host a fascinating dialogue with Eileen Crist. As listeners of this podcast will recall, Jeremy is a well-known author and a leading theorist of ecological civilization. He was a previous guest on episode 2 and episode 13, so be sure to check those out if you haven’t already…

EcoCiv Podcast: Episode 13 – Deep Adaptation or Deep Transformation? (with Jeremy Lent and Naresh Giangrande)

Philip Clayton hosts a dialogue on the subject of Deep Adaptation versus Deep Transformation, with Jeremy Lent arguing in favor of the latter and Naresh Giangrande defending the former. A previous guest on the EcoCiv Podcast, Jeremy is a well-known author and a leading theorist of ecological civilization. Naresh is the co-founder of Transition Town…

EcoCiv Podcast: Episode 12 – The Sunrise Movement (with Sofie Karasek)

EcoCiv’s communications manager, Megan Anderson talks with Sofie Karasek, who is the deputy communications director for the Sunrise Movement. If you haven’t already heard of Sunrise, you will learn all about the important work that they are doing in this episode. But in short, Sunrise is an American youth-led activist movement that advocates for political…

Unprecedented crises require unprecedented cooperation.


Humanity is already moving toward an ecological civilization.

Most people know we need to make this transition, but the task is frighteningly large.

EcoCiv works with others to foster this transition and develop a sustainable and just society.



"EcoCiv has the potential to change the world!"

-John B. Cobb, Jr.

"The EcoCiv movement holds immense promise for the flourishing of the Earth Community."

-Mary Evelyn Tucker


EcoCiv brings together leaders, activists, policymakers, and others who care about the transition to an ecological civilization.