W12 Congress: Addressing the Escalating Global Water Crisis

January 27 – 31, 2020 in Cape Town, South Africa

The Institute for Ecological Civilization has partnered with the University of the Western Cape and Save our Schools Non-Profit Organization (SOSNPO) to produce the first W12 Congress: a meeting of cities from around the world to address the escalating global water crisis. This event will bring together city officials, water experts, academics, and students in a unique five-day program aimed at developing a “Best Practices Water Protocol”, guiding approaches to water management for decades to come. 


Task Teams

The Congress will begin with two days of meetings at the University of the Western Cape whereby six “task teams,” each made up of local and international academics and water experts as well as city delegates, will consider thematic areas related to the escalating water crisis. Those areas are Politics, Economics, Natural Science, Technical Science, Civil Society, and Social Sciences. Throughout the Congress, each task team will not only consider its own area extensively, but will also integrate with the other task teams in an intersectional and comprehensive approach designed to produce a coordinated, long term plan for preserving access to water. Each task team will be led by a convener, who will invite participating members and coordinate the work of the whole team.  


Water Protocol 

The result of these efforts will be a robust and practical water protocol that reflects the knowledge developed by the task teams as well as a consensus among participating cities on steps to take going forward. 

The text of the water protocol itself will be drafted by a water protocol working group. Both the water protocol working group and the task teams will begin their work remotely before the W12 Congress takes place in January 2020. 

If you are interested in learning more about the task teams, the water protocol, or the water protocol working group, please reach out to Marilyn Greenberg at marilyn.greenberg@cst.edu

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More details to come as the Congress gets closer