Marina Gattás do Nascimento

Position: Board Member
Categories: Board of Directors

Marina Gattás do Nascimento is a political scientist, with experience in human rights law, public policy and creative industries. Her work at Wellbeing Economy Alliance (WEAll) focuses on supporting cultural initiatives that challenge our understanding of where we came from and where we are going, as well as supporting the promotion of wellbeing economy ideas, policies and practices in Latin America, her homeland. She’s also heavily involved with the WEAll Brazil Hub.

Prior to WEAll, Marina worked at the Brazilian National Congress as a parliamentary advisor, coordinating novel participatory and civic engagement initiatives, at Brava Foundation, advising hundreds of governments on public finance, evidence-based policymaking, and public management, at CEJIL (Center for Justice and International Law) Mesoamérica, and at the NY Bar Association’s Vance Center for International Justice. She has also taught courses in political communications and mentored female candidates through election cycles.

Marina holds a BA in Political Science from Brown University and an MBA in Public Administration from Insper. She’s lived in Brasília and São Paulo (Brazil), Richmond and Providence (US), Paris (France), and San José (Costa Rica). She is currently based between Sao Paulo, Brazil, and any beach town at her reach.

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