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Tom Broad

Position: Principal Technology Consultant
Categories: EcoCiv Team

Tom Broad is a technology generalist who enjoys working with folks from all walks of life. He is a technology researcher, educator, product manager, and absolute data nerd who is passionate about making technology simple — whether it is speaking in layman’s terms, or implementing a new, complex technology or business system. He enjoys making order out of chaos!

Since working for Apple, Inc (for those nerds out there: way back when Steve Jobs was still with us), Tom enjoys keeping up-to-date on the latest technology trends and the latest technology risks. For more than 20 years, Tom has consulted in technology for a variety of different companies, non-profits, churches and entrepreneurs, working through their common technology issues in very methodical and simple, yet, collaborative ways.

Tom thoroughly enjoys all subjects outdoors and has a deep passion for preserving our world for many generations to come. Tom can often be found out hiking beautiful Ohio trails or camping with his wife and four kids, and retired racing greyhound, while taking in some rest and relaxation amidst our beautiful Earth.

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