Why water?

by Ellie Leaning, EcoCiv Projects Director

Water is the key that unlocks human opportunity and ecological wellbeing. It is what our existence here on the “blue planet” depends on.  

At EcoCiv, much of our work focuses on looking at systems and structures that either promote or prevent the wellbeing of people and the planet. Water is one of the few “resources” that we focus on specifically in our project areas (our other focal areas are Reimagining Human Communities, Wellbeing Economies, and Dialogues for Systems Change). This blog provides a brief overview of why we, as EcoCiv, are focusing so much on water and why we believe that water itself is, in effect, wellbeing itself. As we strive to promote the wellbeing of people and the planet, water is a clear focal point for that. 

We believe that water security and resilience is a core part of the “wellbeing of people and planet;” in some ways, this connection is obvious. We live on the “blue planet.” We are 70% water. In other ways, the connection is elusive. What does wastewater treatment or borehole registration have to do with an ecological civilization? Or perhaps more aptly, what is EcoCiv’s role in the complex world of global water security, of which there is no shortage of technology, expertise, funding, and need?

The short answer is that EcoCiv, mainly through its work as a co-organizer of the W12+ Programs, plays a connecting, catalyzing, and incubating role. The challenges of global water security are many. But so are the solutions. EcoCiv and its partners, SOS NPO, work to bring about catalytic change towards a water-secure future for all through new partnerships, shared solutions, and sustainable financing – a new movement for water security.

So, why water? For an ecological civilization defined by wellbeing, water is…

  • Human dignity
  • A child’s future
  • Freedom from disease
  • Crop irrigation
  • Economic opportunities
  • Cooking
  • Healthy ecosystems
  • Girls’ education
  • Ecological health
  • Hygiene and Sanitation
  • Clean energy sources
  • Sources of food
  • Space to think and reflect
  • Religious or cultural practices
  • Adventure and exploration
  • Recreation and time with family

We know that a dollar invested in water yields $4-7+ in benefits in the areas listed above. Water is catalytic and vital for wellbeing. As the EcoCiv team, we’re excited to work on these important issues for wellbeing of people and planet and we invite you to join us.

So, what does water mean to you?

Throughout our #WaterIsWellbeing campaign, we invite you to reimagine your relationship with water. What does water mean to you? Leave a comment, write us an email, or tweet at us!

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