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EcoCiv Dialogues on Global Systems Change

Every month, we convene leaders and experts from around the world to discuss issues that are pertinent to system change in a variety of areas. As we move through this current crisis, it is essential to spark international dialogues on the ways we can move toward a healthier future for people and the planet. These dialogues are part of our efforts to build global networks of change agents, facilitate partnerships across different sectors, and bring these conversations to the public. Please continue to follow our efforts in building international networks and sparking dialogue on systemic change.

The Next Economy: Transforming Economic Systems After COVID-19

This panel was held on April 30, 2020

As the socio-economic effects of coronavirus worsen, the deep failures of our global economic order are being revealed. Is this the end of the neoliberal era? What will the economy look like after COVID-19? Can our next economy promote the overall well-being of people and the planet? Join us as we bring together experts from around the world.

Panelists featured: Kate Raworth, Stewart Wallis. Marjorie Kelly, David Korten, Gunna Jung.

To view the video of the event, visit here.

The Most Important Lessons from COVID-19: A Global Conversation on a Global Crisis

This panel was held on March 27, 2020

As world leaders struggle to address the coronavirus pandemic, one thing has become certain: this is more than a health crisis. From COVID-19’s impact on economic systems, ecological systems, systems of governance and more ― it’s clear that the global challenges we face are all interconnected. Connect with us as we bring together experts from around the world for a probing conversation on today’s global crisis and why a systems approach to civilizational change is fundamental for a healthy future.

Panelists featured: Mamphela RampheleVandana Shiva,Gunna JungJeremy Lent and Elliott Harris

To view the video of the event, visit here.

This event was co-sponsored by EcoCiv and the International Council on Environmental Economics and Development.

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