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참살이와 전지구적 번영을 위한 경제

클레어몬트 생태 포럼 (생태문명을 위한 국제포럼) 둘째날에 우리는 참살이와 전지구적 번영을 위한 경제 대하여 이야기 하였습니다. ( 이코시브 코리아의 디렉터인 이동우 목사가 둘째날 세션의 좌장을 맡은 정건화 교수를 소개하며 세션을 시작했습니다. 정건화 교수는 한신대학교 경제학과 교수이며, Lab2050의 이사회 의장입니다. 그는 서울연구원, 서울50+재단, 희망제작소에서 이사로 재직했으며, 현재 사회적 경제, 사회 혁신, 지역 사회와 학계의 연결을 위해 일하고 있습니다.…

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Ecological Transition Education and Education Reform in Korea

Cho, Hee-Yeon  (Superintendent, Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education) 1. The Meaning of Education and Korean Education Reform We can start with the question, “What is education?” Education is a learning process that affects human perception and behavior. It affects how we perceive the world, and how we change the world in light of that perception.…

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The Next Economy

By Dongwoo Lee, Director of EcoCiv Korea This article has been translated from Korean. View the original article here.  I remember the shock I had when, having attended only classes of professors belonging to the Keynesian school during my undergraduate years, I then attended the labor economics class—the only one taught at my school. At…

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EcoCiv Korea 2019 Events

EcoCiv President, Philip Clayton and Executive Vice President, Andrew Schwartz joined our EcoCiv Korea leaders Gunna Jung and Yunjeong Han for four consecutive events in September and October. First was the 2nd Transition City Seoul conference on the theme, “Beyond GDP Toward Ecological Transition.”  In collaboration with Mayor Park Wonsoon and the Seoul Metropolitan Government, Prof.…

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Two elder scholars asked, “Are you happy?”

By Kumsil Kang, Executive Director of People for Earth, lawyer Two elder scholars from the United States visited Korea to attend the International Conference on Transition Cities hosted by Seoul on November 11, and the International Conference on Ecological Civilization held at Paju from December 12 to 14. They were John B. Cobb, Jr., Professor…

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“If Jesus is born now, he would first save the ruined environment”

An interview with international ecological theologian John Cobb By Kim Hwan Young All belief systems, including philosophy, religion, and ideology, continue to change and evolve. The conservative insistence on maintaining the purity of heritage from founders and doctrines often fails to meet the practical need to adjust to worldly changes. But if there is excessive…

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Is an Economic System in Harmony with Ecology Possible?

By Han Gui-Young 한겨레경제사회연구원 사회정책센터장  People for Earth Forum “Earth and People” hosts International Conference on Ecological Civilization If the entire world is to maintain Korea’s level of consumption, 3.5 earths will be needed Ecological conversion is no longer a task that cannot be postponed Immediately effective ecological conversion is more cost effective as well…

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“Civilization will collapse”… What are the remaining tasks?

Do you remember the terrible heat of last summer?Temperatures that forbade restful sleep because they didn’t drop below 90 degrees? Receiving news of record-breaking temperatures every day, people must have begun to understand the serious nature of climate change. But as the cool breeze returned, those memories faded. How long can such forgetting continue? ‘Is…

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