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Resources on COVID-19

At EcoCiv, we recognize the severity of this pandemic and the need for swift action. We have curated a continuing list of resources on tips, suggestions and information regarding COVID-19.

LIVE PANEL: The Most Important Lessons from COVID-19 - A Conversation About Global Systems Change
Join us this Friday at 10:00 a.m. EST as we bring together leaders from around the world for a probing conversation on how COVID-19 could be a catalyst for global systems change.
COVID-19: Crisis, Hope and Ecological Civilization
A message from the Philip Clayton, the President of EcoCiv, on how this crisis may bring us the opportunity to reflect on features of contemporary global society that we may never have seen so clearly before.


A practical guide for those who are in positions of privilege for the steps you can take to restore the circulation that all systems need in order to survive. Posted by the Wellbeing Economy Alliance.


Why Coronavirus is Humanity's Wake-Up Call
An article by David Korten that calls on how the coronavirus pandemic can serve as a wake-up call for society's profound systemic and institutional failures. Published on YES! Magazine.


UN-Habitat COVID-19 Statement
Key messages from UN-Habitat that highlights the steps that national and local authorities can take amid this crisis.


Coronavirus Capitalism - and How to Beat It
A video by Naomi Klein on how this crisis could be a catalyst for an evolutionary leap in our current age of capitalism. Published on The Intercept.


W12 Congress: Official COVID-19 Water Statement
The official statement from W12 about plans for the congress, the impact this crisis has had on water security and the collective responsibility of citizens during this time.


COVID-19 will change our lives. And our way of working.
An article by Gerd Trogemann, Manager of UNDP's Istanbul Regional Hub, and Lejla Sadiku, Innovation Specialist for UNDP Eurasia on the societal shifts that this pandemic has brought.

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