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Our Method

Our Method

The work of creating an ecological civilization can seem nebulous and is at times hard to describe. Therefore, we created the following diagram to give you a visual representation and broad overview of our work and values. We’ve used a tree because we consider it a great model for how we see our work progressing and being sustained. 

Ecociv’s method for cultivating change involves bringing people together from various sectors of society to do three things: 1) visioning exercises where they imagine how an ecological civilization could look; 2) backcasting – working backwards from that reality to identify a set of concrete steps needed to reach it; and 3) roadmapping – identifying an action plan to begin taking these steps.

The tree’s roots represent what we consider to be the foundations of an ecological civilization – things that must happen for this new kind of civilization to dawn and flourish. Visioning and backcasting happen at this level.

The trunk of the tree is where we roadmap – thinking deeply and strategically about our next steps. What are our goals? Who do we need to reach out to? How do we envision addressing potential roadblocks? What series of actions will impart the greatest impact? Here we need to stand strong and tall, drawing wisdom and resources from our roots.

The branches and beautiful array of colored leaves are the fruits of our labor – qualities that define an ecological civilization. This part of the tree is also a symbol of hope. Just as leaves take in sunlight and create food through the process of photosynthesis, we draw hope from the vision of an ecological civilization and this gives us the nutrients and energy to sustain our “root and trunk” (visioning, backcasting, and roadmapping) work. 

Go here to download the image.

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