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New Frontiers in Theology


The Center for Process Studies at Claremont School of Theology is hosting a conference.

New Frontiers in Theology: The Most Important Schools and Innovations for the Future of Theology, February 16-18, 2017, Claremont, California

Nearly 30 renowned speakers/keynotes will aim to identify the future(s) of theology, addressing through discussion questions such as:

  • What will be the most important new chapters in theology?
  • Where does the resurrection of theology lie?
  • Will it be comparative theology, poststructuralism, naturalism, praxis, ecology, liberation, ecofeminism, hybridity . . . or others?
  • What roles might process-relational thought play in these proposals?

Professors and students from the most promising theological schools, as well as key leaders in religious praxis and social changes, will be representing their communities.

Read more and register here.

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