Ellie Leaning

Position: Programs Director
Categories: EcoCiv Team

Ellie Leaning is EcoCiv’s Programs Director. She ensures that all EcoCiv projects are following EcoCiv’s approach and methodology so that they can work cohesively to achieve our mission. Specifically, Ellie developed and leads EcoCiv’s signature water project, W12+ Programs, and she also oversees emerging programs in other areas, including Conservation Economies and Agrifood Systems. She is also in charge of the Learning for Impact project within the IDEAS program, which prompts inter- and intra-organizational knowledge growth and application.

Ellie has a BA in Environmental Studies from Franklin University Switzerland and a MSc in Environmental Science, with a specialization in Advocacy for Social Justice and Sustainability, from Antioch University. She has lived in Switzerland and South Africa, has traveled extensively and has research and management experience in a variety of sectors, including water security, international affordable housing, wildlife conservation, food systems, fisheries, and non-profit development. She is an avid equestrian and lives on Cape Cod, MA.

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