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Planned Giving Opportunities at EcoCiv

Would you like to leave a legacy of supporting civilizational change for the long-term wellbeing of people and the planet? Planned giving allows you to do just that with your estate planning. It enables you to remain in control of your financial assets during your life, plan to support loved ones, and provide long-term lasting support for causes you are passionate about.

Some donors support EcoCiv through a bequest; others designate a gift of cash, securities, or other property in their will or estate plan. Bequests enable EcoCiv to plan for long-term impact without affecting your cash flow during your life. A bequest can be made as a specific amount, as a percentage of your estate, or as a portion of what is left after you have made bequests to your loved ones.

Other forms of planned giving are available to you as well. Some supporters include EcoCiv as a beneficiary of their life insurance policy or other real property that belongs to them. EcoCiv accepts both restricted and unrestricted planned gifts.

Whatever decision you may make, we want to express our deep gratitude. You are investing in the most important transition of our age ― the transition to a sustainable form of human life on this planet, a genuinely ecological civilization.

In case you have decided to include EcoCiv in your planned giving, please do let us know; we’d love to thank you as a member of the EcoCiv Wellbeing Society.

If you are interested in discussing available planned giving options, please contact Philip Clayton (; 909-552-6539) or another member of the EcoCiv staff.


A bequest is so much more than a line in your will that a certain portion of your estate will go to support the ongoing work of EcoCiv. It is a statement of your deepest values. It’s a model for your family, your kids and grandkids. And it’s a way to continue expressing your values and achieving your life goals for many years into the future.”

— Jerry Bedford, Director of Heifer Foundation

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