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International Conference for Ecozoic Culture

October 12, 2018 - October 14, 2018

“Ecological Transformation on the Korean Peninsula and in East Asia”

Recently, the world witnessed the Korean Peninsula taking a huge first step toward a peace regime. With the inter-Korean summit and the US-North Korea summit that address agendas left from the 20th century, there is already a sense of peace and hope that can be felt on the Korean peninsula. However, right now, far into the 21st century, great shadows loom over our world. The climate change is taking effect all over the globe and we hear of many new diseases every year. These are just a few of the signs that point to the destruction of our global ecosystem amidst wary forecasts of an era of “machine-fused humans” and “genetic manipulation” enabled by artificial intelligence technology.

What can we do to positively integrate the changes of this great transition into a journey toward the realization of an ecological civilization? Will the rapidly advancing science & technology and a sustainable future of the global community be able to converge at some point? What values and practices are expected of East Asia and the global community in light of the great transition taking place on the Korean peninsula? What system changes should go hand in hand with the ecological awakening within ourselves and the social culture? Will we be able to create subjects, bodies and individuals that match the new values and lifestyles?

At a crossroad of crisis and hope, the International Conference for Ecozoic Culture 2018 held under the theme of “Ecological Transformation on the Korean Peninsula and in East Asia” is to become an arena for searching the answers to these questions. The conference has two goals it hopes to achieve. Firstly, to examine the efforts of various areas such as global environmental protection, social economy and sustainable cities as parts of the big forest that is ecological civilization, and to create various meanings by sharing goals. Secondly, to link the changes in East Asia, especially the Korean peninsula, China and Japan to the values and practices of this ecological civilization, and in turn creating an opportunity for global citizens to establish a “fellowship of light.”

The conference takes place in Paju, a historical place that can be called the last border of the Cold War left in our world today. We will conclude the three-day conference in Paju, with a declaration that embodies our beliefs and endeavors, the start of our meaningful journey together.


October 12, 2018 (Friday)

-15:00 | Registration

15:00 | Opening Ceremony

  • Opening Speech: Kumsil Kang
  • Congratulatory Speech: (2-3 people)

15:20 | Session 1 Dialog: Earth and People, Dots in the Universe

To set the tone of the conference, the session features discussions on main themes and concepts of the conference. The discussion is in the form of a dialog by two scholars which later is expanded and addressed in detail in the following sessions.

  • Session Chair: Kumsil Kang
  • John Cobb
  • Fr. Jaidon Lee

16:10 | Break

16:30 | Session 2 Civilization Shift and Ecological Civilization: New Subjects and Plans

With the advent of many new theories such as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the discussion examines how the ecological civilization can provide new perspectives on cosmological philosophy, formation of Earth community and new systems.

  • Session Chair: Seonho Choe
  • “The 4th Industrial Revolution and Ecological Civilization”, Kyoung-min Lee
  • “Transition into an Ecological Civilization and Its New Subjects”, Kyoo Lee,
  • “Ecozoic Governance and Earth Jurisprudence” Taehyun Park,
  • Group Discussion

17:50 | Change of Location

18:00-20:30 | Welcome Ceremony: “A Promise for Life and Peace”

An evening of good will exchange and music performance is held to celebrate the start of the conference and also the publishing of Professor John Cobb’s essays.

  • MC: Heejung Im & Jonghyun Kim
  • Opening Performance “Jindo Drum Dance” by Yeajon Dance Company
  • Celebrations for publishing John Cobb’s “지구를 구하는 10가지 아이디어”
  • Concert “A Promise for Life and Peace by Ensemble_1F
  • Dinner and wine toasting

October 13, 2018 (Saturday)

-09:00 | Breakfast
09:00 – 10:10 | (Session 3) Special Talk: Our Efforts for Systematic Transition of Civilization

The session features two talks on bold initiatives for the transition into a new era. Dr. David Korten discusses the great transition for the coexistence of economy and ecology. Professor Wen Tiejun proposes ecological policies based on physiocracy for China’s economy.

  • MC: Wangbae Kim
  • “Systems for a Living Earth”, David C. Korten
  • “Ecological Civilization and the Future of East Asia”, Wen Tiejun
  • Q&A

10:10 Break

10:30 Session 4 Ecological Transition and Searching for Alternative Economic Systems

The key point of the new way of life is fundamental restructuring of economic activities. The session discusses the new economy system and ways to implement it.

  • Session Chair: Youngtak Cho
  • “Ecological Transition and Social Economy”, Gunna Jung
  • “Sustainability, Shared Economy and Thoughtful Sharing”, Zack Walsh
  • “Earth Jurisprudence and a New Economic System”, 강정혜
  • Group Discussion
    • 김종호
    • Siwon Park

12:00 Lunch

13:30 – 15:30 | Session 5: Restructuring of Science Technology and the Society

Today science & technology seems incompatible with an ecological civilization. This session examines the possibilities of how ecological civilization can adjust to accommodate this relationship.

  • Session Chair: Kiwon Song (Professor, Dept. of Biochemistry, Yonsei University)
  • “Redefining Relationship of Religion and Science”, Philip Clayton
  • “Future Tasks of Technology and Ecological Society” Sungook Hong
  • “Finding Alternatives in a World of Wastes”, Tian Song
  • Group Discussion
    • Chul Chun
    • Heejong Woo
    • Seung-jin Kim
  • Q&A

15:30 – 17:30 | Session 6: Future Tasks of Eco-Culture and Continued Education

For transitioning into ecological civilization to take place reorganization of culture and education as economy and politics is required. Moving on from modern culture and education, new paradigm of sustainable culture and education and ways to implement it are discussed  in this session.

  • Session Chair: 이동준(이천문화원 사무국장)
  • “The Definition of Rewilding and A Critique on Civilization”, Keijiro Suga”
  • “Ecological Civilization and Ecotopia”, Yunjeong Han
  • “Curriculum of Ecological Beliefs and Education”, Hong-Gee Kim
  • “Lacks and Desires of Our Society”, People for Earth Forum Youth Group
  • Open Discussion

17:30 Break & Dinner

19:00 | Special Session: Today and Tomorrow of Ecological Vision on Korean Peninsula

The first steps toward a peace regime on the Korean peninsula is not to be mere expansion of a modern state. This session proposes a peace regime of a new kind from the perspective of ecological civilization.

  • Session Chair: 함보현
  • “From DMZ to PLZ”, Im Mijung
  • “Ecozoic Vision on Korean Peninsula”, Woo Seok Kong
  • “Peace Regime on Korean Peninsula and Future Politics”, Byung Jin Ahn
  • “Feminist Utopia and the Value of Green”, Jiye Shin
  • Group Discussion
    • Tae-Kwon Won
    • 오동석
    • Eunhae Yoo
  • Open Discussion

October 14, 2018 (Sunday)

-09:00 | Breakfast
09:00 | Roundup Discussion: New Leadership and Global Networking in East Asia

A new community of ecological citizens who have strayed from the existing path of modern progress is emerging in East Asia. This session provides a platform for connecting and sharing ideas of organizations that are paving the road for an ecological civilization in various countries.

  • Session Chair: Philip Clayton (Professor, Claremont School of Theology)
  • Andrew Schwartz
  • Zhihe Wang
  • Ken Kitanani
  • 윤정숙
  • Open Discussion

11:00 | Epilogue Conclusion

The three days of discussions for new plans and actions culminate in a declaration that hopes to become a foundation for a better future.

  • Gunna Jung
  • “Paju Declaration for Transition into the Ecozoic Era”

12:00 Closing

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October 12, 2018
October 14, 2018
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