EcoCiv Podcast: Episode 13 – Deep Adaptation or Deep Transformation? (with Jeremy Lent and Naresh Giangrande)

Philip Clayton hosts a dialogue on the subject of Deep Adaptation versus Deep Transformation, with Jeremy Lent arguing in favor of the latter and Naresh Giangrande defending the former. A previous guest on the EcoCiv Podcast, Jeremy is a well-known author and a leading theorist of ecological civilization. Naresh is the co-founder of Transition Town Totnes, which was the first transition town in what is now a global movement. Philip offers a more detailed introduction of both Jeremy and Naresh, but this episode needs to be understood in the context of a wider conversation that has been taking place in recent months.

In a controversial 2018 article called “Deep Adaptation,” Dr. Jem Bendell—a professor of sustainability leadership at University of Cumbria in the UK—argued that large-scale societal collapse is now inevitable as a result of widespread environmental degradation and climate change. Having come to this conclusion, Bendell then proposed what he called the Deep Adaptation Ag

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