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EcoCiv Co-Hosts Water Framework Conference in Cape Town

You are invited to a press conference announcing the Water Management Framework and to hear the proposed detail and scale of intervention required by international cities and governments if they are to avoid water shortages over the next 30 years.

Where One & Only Hotel, V&A Waterfront
When 10.00 until 12.00 Wednesday 29th January 2020
RSVP Tammy Tinline |Wired Communications
+27 (0)21 464 1144

Uniquely, and over a period of many months, a contingent of dozens of professionals from academia, business, civil society, NGOs, local and national government have engaged with leading international water experts and worked together to create the framework which is the basis for the ‘Major Cities Best Practices Water Protocol’. This framework will be presented at the W12 Congress in May when visiting dignitaries from international cities visit Cape Town to be presented with a best practice protocol and guideline for water management.

The W12 Framework Conference takes place at the University of the Western Cape (UWC) 27-28 January 2020. This is a collaboration between The Institute for Ecological Civilization, W12, UWC, the City of Cape Town and other local stakeholders. Task teams, made up of professionals from natural sciences, social sciences, politics, economics, technical sciences, and civil society, have been established to develop a guiding framework for cities facing escalating water shortages. At the conference members of the task teams will discuss and develop their papers into a “Water Framework”. The framework is intended to be the basis for a protocol for cities and governments to follow to ensure water security for the next 30 years.

About EcoCiv

The Institute for Ecological Civilization works internationally to support systemic approaches to long-term sustainability by developing collaborations among scholars, activists, and policy makers. The Institute conducts academic research, provides education through courses, conferences, and social media, and supports concrete projects in local settings based on the principles of an ecological civilization.

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