Green Business Network at Green America

The Green Business Network connects thoughtful businesses with thoughtful consumers, supporting a cultural shift towards ecological civilization in the business sector and beyond through creating environmental and justice standards for businesses.

Businesses that meet the standards laid out by the Green Business Network for their given industry can apply for certification as a green business and, in return, be connected with conscious consumers. Reflecting the values of EcoCiv, the Green Business Network is committed  to moving towards ecological civilization through just methods: “In all of our work, “green” means social and economic justice, community and environmental health.” The Green Business Network is a project of Green America, a non-profit organization that embodies the values of EcoCiv through utilizing strategic economic action to create a society that is more just and sustainable.

In conjunction with EcoVentures International and The Association for Enterprise Opportunity, The Green Business Network published the Big Green Opportunity Report, which makes a compelling case for businesses to go green.

To learn more, visit their website:

Interview with Denise Hamler, Director and Co-Founder of the Green Business Network:


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