Donald P Gould

Don Gould is the president and chief investment officer of Gould Asset Management. He is also a trustee of Pitzer College, one of the five prestigious Claremont Colleges. Working together with other trustees, Mr. Gould played an important role in the recent board decision to divest Pitzer’s portfolio of fossil fuel stocks. In this interview, Mr. Gould describes the board and community process that led to the divestment decision, and the deeper values that motivated him to play a leadership role in this process.

Pitzer College and BlackRock Launch First Ever ESG-Focused, Fossil Fuel-Free Global Equity Index Fund

Pitzer College and investment firm BlackRock, Inc. announce the first ever global equity index fund that is both Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)-focused and fossil fuel-free. The fund is designed to help endowments, foundations and other nonprofit organizations meet their Responsible Investment goals.

To read the complete announcement, please click here.

Dan Gould was recently interviewed by Lawrence Biemiller in the Chronicle of Higher Education. Below is an excerpt.

How One College Decided to Invest More Responsibly

“Pitzer College is not big, or old, or rich. But students and trustees alike want the liberal-arts college’s modest endowment — $135 million — to be invested in ways that align with its longtime interests in the environment and social responsibility.

So the 54-year-old college took an unusual step that could be pivotal for other colleges and nonprofits with similar values: It pioneered a new global-equity-index fund that avoids stocks in fossil-fuel companies and chooses other investments based on how companies act toward employees, communities, the environment, and shareholders. Using sophisticated financial engineering tools to choose stocks, the fund’s managers expect it will perform as well as those that don’t pay such attention to environmental and human impacts.”

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