Dancing Rabbit

Dancing Rabbit is an ecovillage, sustainability demonstration project, and robust and growing intentional community in rural northeast Missouri.  At Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage (DR), a diverse group of people live ecologically in a community committed to living more simply, sustainably, gently and harmoniously with one another and the earth, modeling the movement toward a more ecological civilization.

Residents live in a variety of housing arrangements, including egalitarian and co-housing communities as well as individual households, and work on a variety of projects.  Their goal is to grow to a town of 500 to 1000 residents committed to radical environmental sustainability.  In the following video, long time resident Thomas describes the cooperative spirit in which residents live and work.

Dancing Rabbit Mission Statement

To create a society, the size of a small town or village, made up of individuals and communities of various sizes and social structures, which allows and encourages its members to live sustainably.*

To encourage this sustainable society to grow to have the size and recognition necessary to have an influence on the global community by example, education, and research.

*Sustainably: In such a manner that, within the defined area, no resources are consumed faster than their natural replenishment, and the enclosed system can continue indefinitely without degradation of its internal resource base or the standard of living of the people and the rest of the ecosystem within it, and without contributing to the non-sustainability of ecosystems outside. 

Working for Social Change

Part of the broader intentional communities movement, Dancing Rabbit describes its primary social change goal as follows:

to demonstrate one possibility (certainly not the only possibility) of a sustainable lifestyle and culture. In many ways just living at DR is social change work (see our DR Culture section). We’re mindful of the way we function as a group and organization so we can be an example of positive, intentional social change. We also have to rethink our economy, both internally and as part of the wider culture.

…“How do we let people know what we’re doing here?” Our mission becomes one of education and outreach, working to change people’s hearts and minds. We do this by a number of means. So far we have work exchange opportunities through which people can come for 2-6 months to live at DR and learn about sustainability and community while working on specific projects. We also hold workshops on topics ranging from strawbale building and earthen plasters to cooking. We hope to expand our workshop program as our infrastructure and human energy allows, someday having DR be a nexus for ecovillage education. While participating in an ecovillage project may be outside the scope of some of our website visitors we have compiled a list of things people can do to live a more ecologically sustainable life, right where they live, right now.

For more information, visit the Dancing Rabbit webpage or download this (PDF) presentation.

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