Axion Structural Innovations

Axion Structural Innovations is setting the bar for the production of sustainable building materials using 100% recycled products. Using recycled materials keeps waste out of dumps results in decreased use of virgin materials- so rather than asking more from the earth Axion uses what people have already taken and repurposes it in big ways. Even more, their building products are recyclable, so when a structure is taken down or needs to be replaced, the material can be recycled again which keeps plastics out of landfills long-term.

By providing sustainable materials for the way societal structures are built, “Not only is AXION Structural Innovations committed to changing the world in which we live, but we intend to leave it a cleaner and better world than it is today.” Axion Structural Innovations is paving the way for a sustainable future by transforming current building practices. At EcoCiv, we recognize that moving towards an Ecological Civilization will require transformation across sectors and AXION Structural Innovations is creating change for ecological sustainability by creating sustainable material for use in a multitude of industries.

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