Seizing an Alternative: Toward an Ecological Civilization

“Seizing an Alternative: Toward an Ecological Civilization” was an international conference that focused on the big ideas that matter for a thriving ecosphere, featuring some seven hundred presenters and more than eighty areas of specialty.

Leading scholars and activists, including Bill McKibben, Vandana Shiva, Sheri Liao, John Cobb, Herman Daly, Wes Jackson, David Ray Griffin, Harvey Cox, Mary Elizabeth Moore, Catherine Keller, William Connolly and others explored questions like:

  • What would business and finance look like if the aim of creating a thriving exosphere becomes the goal of the economy?
  • How would the university be reshaped if it accepted responsibility for the future of the Earth rather than attempt to be value-free?
  • What would religion be like if it were to focus on world loyalty as opposed to sectarian or national loyalty or escapism?

Most of this conference was devoted to meeting in small working groups (“tracks”) to discussion particular topics of real importance. There were 82 Tracks which are organized under 12 key themes or “12 Sections”. The task of these Tracks was to advance thinking on particular issues in the direction needed if we are to move toward an ecological civilization.

Audio recordings of all the talks are available here.
Video recordings of all plenary talks and select other talks are available here.
More information about the conference is available here and here.

Plenary Talks

Bill McKibben - Climate Warming as a Civilization Crisis

Sheri Liao - Ecological Politics for an Ecological Civilization

Vandana Shiva - The Misuse of Science in the Global Crisis

John B. Cobb, Jr. - A Whiteheadian Response to the Global Crisis

Herman E. Daly - Ecological Economics for an Ecological Civilization

Wes Jackson - Ecological Agriculture for an Ecological Civilization

David Ray Griffin - The Whiteheadian Century

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